Jumat, 10 Desember 2010

Lindsay Lohan Long Hairstyles Trends

Lindsay Lohan was born in Cold Spring Harbor, New York on July 2, 1986. Lindsay always knows how to look fashionable with her best hairstyles. Lindsay's hair colors range from her signature red hair to daring blonde highlights.

Lindsay's hairstyles consist of loose end curls, soft jagged waves, parted bangs and simple up sweeps to flipped curls.

Long hairstyles are wear by the most of the celebrities going for the short hair trends these days, 2009 long hair trends can be a little less than expected. However, there are still so many women who love to wear beautiful long hair with wavy layers.

Hair Color Styles

Into the Woods

Looking forward to fall's golden, crimson, and russet hues, stylist Thomas Hintermeier thinks the best single-process shades mimic nature. For brunettes wanting more drama, he suggests adding a warm auburn tone: "When you go in the sunlight, you'll have a vibrant red shimmer."

Smashing Pumpkin

The longer your hair, the more weathered the ends are. By adding pigment (instead of bleaching it out), a single process smooths damaged cuticles so hair seems shinier and healthier. But steer clear of burgundy, says Hintermeier. "Bluish-red hair doesn't exist in nature—try gold undertones instead."

Sixty-four percent of Canadians prefer dark hair, according to the Dove study. However, if your real hair color is a distant memory, Hintermeier suggests using your skin tone as a guide: "The deeper your complexion, the darker you can go. Whether you want something natural or dramatic, highlights aren't the only option anymore."

According to a recent Dove Global Hair Study, more than half of American women believe blonde is more beautiful. But liquid alchemy is high maintenance. Hintermeier suggests an allover sandy-beige tone to blend in old highlights and breathe new life into washed-out shades: "You can't always highlight, because you'll end up with white hair."

Highlight junkies afraid of losing their sun-kissed sparkle shouldn't worry. "Your hair always has different shades because the sun naturally makes it lighter on top. Single-process color looks darker or lighter depending on the tone underneath, so you'll keep a nice shadowing," assures Hintermeier.